LibAssist a Content Library Manager

LibAssist is an independent content manager. It has special features to work with programming languages but it can be used with any kind of file. Like SnipAssist it is easy to get things into and out of the library. Also there is a search feature to make it easy to find things.

There is a config.txt file to tell LibAssist how to handle files. Fist it says if the file type can be scanned for replacement items. Next it tells what program if any can be used to preview or edit the file. It also tells what associated files should be copied as a group.

SnipAssist is a program to manage a library of text parts. LibAssist is a program to manage a library of files. TreeDoc is an easy way to write a help file. When used together these programs can greatly increase productivity.

There can be any number of file names in the body of the item. When the item is created there is only one file unless the configuration says to associate other files with the selected file. After an item is created more file names can be added.

An open source version can be down loaded here.

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