This is the best snippet program around. It uses plain text files and is independent of any editor, word processor, or IDE.

Because SnipAssist is not dedicated to a single task it can be used for many things. One program can be used for email or html or document assembly or writing code.

The articles for this blog are stored as SnipAssist snips until they are ready.

Main Window Screen Shot
  • SnipAssist is independent of any word processor, editor, or IDE
  • A snip can have any size header, description, or body
  • A search can be done on any part of a snip
  • Snips are stored as plain text
  • Internet connection not required
  • A portable snip library can be put on a USB memory
  • The SnipAssist program is a plain .exe and can run from a USB memory
  • Snips can be encrypted

The zip file that has a free version of SnipAssist can be found here:

An open source version of SnipAssist has been released under the MIT license.