LibAssist is a program to manage a library of files. Every folder in the library has a description. Every item in the library has a description and can have many files in it. A file that is in an item can be viewed or edited. There is a configuration file to determine which program to use for viewing or editing a file. The files can be any type even ones that cannot be read.

It is easy to put an item in the library and easy to get an item from the library. To put an item in the library just select it with Windows Explorer and select copy. Click on the LibAssist “New Item” and an edit dialog will open. The default name is the same as the copied file. Add a description and the files will be copied to the library and are ready to use. To get an item from the library select the destination folder. Then select the item and click “Get Item” the files in the item will be copied to the destination folder.

There is a dialog to search the items. The search can be done on the item name, or the item description, or the header, or the files in the item, or a combination of these.

There is a template process built in. When you get a file from the library it can be scanned for replacement items. If any file has a replacement item the operator will be prompted to enter a value. Whether a file is scanned for replacements is controlled by the config file.

LibAssist is being released as open source. A zip file with source code is here:

The source code should build with any version of Visual Studio or Sharp Develop. No DLLs are used.