Going Open Source

I am in the process of making the source code open source. Later I will develop a premium version that will not be open source.

The first program to be made open source is SnipAssist. The next one will be TreeDoc. Finally Catalogger will be released. In order to make a program open source it needs to be cleaned up. Commented out code needs to be removed. A license notice needs to be placed in the files. Also since I have been using Visual Studio for development I try compiling with SharpDevelop as a check.

The SnipAssist program has been in development for about 4 years. Some things that looked good at the time turned out not so good. The interface started with a ComboBox for folders, this has progressed to a TreeView. The editor was added later. The crypto dialog was added last year.

The general structure and some of the code is even older and goes back many more years. The logger evolved over a period of years. The lexical class and MacString are from an old compiler. The MultipleInputDlg was from a testing program.

How to use the code

First a working area is needed where the program can go and where the snippet library can be. This can be on any drive or even a USB memory. The folder should have the config.txt file and the SnipAssist-Help.tdf file. There also needs to be at least one folder for putting snips in.

To use the SnipAssist program you will need to compile it. Then move the SnipAssist.exe file to the folder where the SnipAssist-Help.tdf file is. Then make a shortcut and put the short cut on the desktop. The zip file has a sample file structure to use.

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